About Me

My name is Lisa Rodrigues and I’m a high school English and Humanities teacher in Melbourne. I’ve been teaching since 2009 and each year is a different experience.  The school I teach at is unique because at Junior levels we teach in a team of 3 teachers to 50 students- yet for teachers it provides a good opportunity to learn from each other and to share our knowledge and expertise. I love being a teacher because I learn a great deal from my students while at the same time providing them with valuable skills. 

I’ve had the opportunity to be a Technology Leader for the English, Humanities & LOTE domain at my school as well as the English Learning Leader. My  experiences in leadership have given me a chance to explore different aspects of curriculum outside my classroom. I enjoy working on teams like Project Based Learning as well as being a mentor for our school’s Blended Learning Project that runs every year. 

I started this blog when I completed an Edmodo course “21st Century Learning with Web 2.0 Tools and Edmodo”. This course has helped me so much. I’ve evolved into a Tech Geek and I love it. It’s actually got me learning again, without me being aware, and I am enjoying the journey once more. It’s made me realise that my own learning doesn’t need to take place in a formal situation- by doing it in my own time and online I can tailor my learning to my own needs and interests. This blog allows me to reflect on what I am learning at school, on Twitter, educational blogs and face to face PD like Teachmeet. It provides me with an avenue to question what I am doing- to ask myself “why” I am doing something and how does it benefit my students.

All opinions are my own (and not those of my employer or school). This blog is an opportunity for me to voice my learning and understanding of my teaching practice as well as teaching pedagogy.

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