Connected Educator Month

October is “Connected Educator’s Month” (CEM). It is when educators connect with each other globally through blogging, book clubs, Twitter, Google Hangouts and even face to face to fulfill the following goals:

  • Getting more educators proficient with social media to improve their practice
  • Deepening and sustaining learning among those already enjoying connection’s benefits
  • Helping schools credential/integrate connected learning into their formal professional development efforts
  • Stimulating and supporting innovation in the field

– CEM Missions & Goals

I started my journey as a “Connected Educator” in May even though I didn’t realise it. This was when I started the “21st Century Learning with Web 2.0 Tools and Edmodo” course with Kimberly Carpenter on Edmodo. I became aware that there was a need for me to connect with teachers not just at my school but also nationally and globally. This would help me expand my own learning as well as my teaching practice. Over the past few months I have been participating in Twitter chats, listening to conversations on Voxer as well as blogging my own learning. I’ve decided that I will complete the activities in the Connected Educator’s “Starter Kit” as a way of getting a better understanding of what it means to be a connected Educator.

One aspect that has already caught my attention is the 2014 theme of the Connected Educator Month “Student Agency, Voice and the Maker Movement”. Whilst I have heard about the Maker Movement and want to learn more about it, at this stage it is not a priority for me. My main focus for this month and the rest of Term 4 is “Student Voice”. It changed the way I taught my Year 8 students in Term 3 and I am keen to continue learning more about it. I am hoping that during the Connected Educator Month, I will be able to engage in more conversations about “Student Voice” so that I continue using it in my classroom to shape the learning of my students. This will allow me to focus on one of CEM’s goals -“Deepening and sustaining learning among those already enjoying connection’s benefits”.




Connected Educators “Helping Educators Thrive in a Connected World”,, accessed 1st October 2014

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