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 One of the Project Based Units (PBL) that we do at Year 7 is Passport to Asia. It’s a 3-5 weeks long project where students get to explore a particular Asia country and learn about the culture. I’ve been doing the project for 3 years and this is my 4th year. Over the years, I’ve taken over 300 images to record the work and use for displays in the school. Each year, I show the current Year 7 students the displays of the previous year. This year I decided I would create a video instead of clicking through the photos. The challenge for me was to make it interesting, short (2-3 minutes) as well as highlighting the students’ experiences. To do that I had to use a video making software as well as find Creative Commons music to add to the video.

I downloaded Windows Movie Maker. This is a free software that you can download. It’s easy to use and even my year 8 students have used it. This was the first time I used it.

Tips to using Windows Movie Maker:

  1. Make sure your images are on the computer hard-drive. If they are on a usb or external hard-drive (HD), copy them to your computer. Otherwise you lose the images once the usb or the external HD is removed (as shown in image below)
  2. Keep the timing on the images within 2-3 secs depending on whether you have text on the image or not. The longer the timing is, the audience will start losing interest.
  3. If it is a presentation, break up the images with text to highlight your topic or show transition between points.
  4. After you have finished creating the video and are happy with it, save it as a movie (not a project).
  5. Choose the setting that you will play the video on (as shown below). I chose “For computer” as I play the movie on my laptop.

Images disappear if not saved onto the computer’s hard-drive

When making the video, I searched for music that I could use. I have been making sure that any thing that I access on the internet, I reference them in my files in order to model the behaviour for my students. So I decided to look for music that I had permission to use. I looked for creative commons music and then came across Freeplay which provides a number of options when you download the music. Since I was using it for educational purposes, I could download it for free to use within the classroom in my video as well as within the school. I like that it gives a variety of licenses to choose from.


It was an experience creating my own video to show to the students. I reduced the number of photos to match the time of the song. Using Movie Maker was easy once I started and I know I will definitely be creating more videos to showcase my students’ work.

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