The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Developing Relationships with Students!

  1. Get to know their likes and dislikes- they are more than just a mark on a test paper.
  2. Admit to your mistakes – after all you are still learning too!
  3. It’s okay to to answer questions about yourself – you end up getting interesting advice about your life.
  4. Forget the curriculum for a short while if students are engaged in a topic that doesn’t relate to what they are doing.
  5. Listen to their music- yes sometimes it might not be to your liking but it results in unintentional debates.
  6. A fist bump is a sign of acceptance – you are “cool” in their eyes!
  7. Allow them to show you their dance moves. It leads to shared laughter and breaks down the barriers. 
  8. It’s okay to smile and laugh- it doesn’t mean that they will think you are weak. It’s more likely that they will be comfortable with you and will see you as approachable.
  9. Getting their respect is a tough battle- make sure you don’t jeopardise it. 
  10. They can respect you and follow your instructions without being afraid of you. 

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