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The term holidays have flown by so quickly. Despite going to Brisbane for a week to see family and moving house, I’ve tried to keep up with my learning. Sometimes I feel like I’m obsessed but then I think that I’m actually loving my learning journey and look forward to learning new ideas.

One of the topics that I’m interested in the moment is Action Research. I’m one of the Technology leaders in charge of our Pilot Action Research project this year. Our goal is researching how technology can enhance and improve the learning of our students. So despite moving house this morning, I made sure I attended the #satchatoc Twitter conversation on Action Research to further develop my understanding on why it is used and how it can extend the learning of teachers.

Below is the conversation of #satchatoc, compiled by Andrea Stringer (moderator) using Storify.  By engaging in the conversation, I was able to clarify my own understanding of Action Research. It also made me think that AR encourages teachers to continue their own learning and is not necessarily only to benefit students. Educators from around Australia and abroad shared their projects and further links on AR. It was PD at its best- online, in your own time and free of charge. Twitter has definitely connected educators from around the world and made collaboration between teachers more flexible and convenient


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