Google for Education

Google Apps and Drive are an integral part of my teaching. At the start of the school year, I told my teaching team that I wanted to use it as a record keeping and planning tool for our classes and asked their opinion about it. Both members quickly agreed and we spent a few hours over the following weeks setting our files up. It took a while but it was worth the effort and time. One of my team members is brilliant with creating layouts and so he quickly formatted all our documents, set up our spreadsheets with complicated formulas – making our planning and record keeping files more accessible to all of us. We wouldn’t need to spend hours calculating results because it was all set up the way we needed it to be.

My teaching team has found that using shared online documents is a blessing. We can access our documents anywhere at anytime. At parent teacher interviews we were all able to access the same files simultaneously whilst talking to different sets of parents. It eradicates the need for one team member to enter the results of their small group, save the file and email it to the others. It lessens the chances of us ending up with the wrong file where previously entered marks are now missing. We can put multiple subject results within the same spreadsheet and can calculate students’ overall results for the term and semester. It makes life so much easier for a teaching team of 3 to coordinate our shared files.


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