I Joined Twitter!

I finally did it. I gave in and created my own Twitter account. That is after years of saying that I wouldn’t do so and that I didn’t need one. So why did I join it? I gave in so that I can expand my PLN.

When I became a Technology Leader at my school, I realised that I did know much about implementing Technology within my domain area. Yes, I was using it in my class but not in a very effective way. I was just “substituting” Word for pen and paper. I knew that it was not the ideal way of using it in the classroom. So I set about trying to educate myself about how to use technology effectively. I’ve attended numerous PDs, been to conferences, even visited another school to see how they used technology in the classroom.

In the last couple of weeks I realised that I needed to increase my PLN because I don’t just want to use technology for the sake of using it. I want to have classrooms where technology redefines the learning. So I am going to be using Twitter to improve my teaching skills and practices. It’s another place where I can connect to teachers not just in Australia but also around the world as it a global tool that allows us to interact with each other. Even Oxfam came out with “6 Reasons Why Twitter is a Teacher’s BFF“.

Twitter is a new venture for me and one that I’m looking forward to using in my teaching career.

Note: I’ve been on Twitter since Sunday and already it’s showing me how important it is. Edutopia actually commented about my blog


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