Edmodo as a PLN

I was introduced to Edmodo as a social media tool to use in the classroom. Everyone talked about how it engaged the students because it was like another Facebook but one that could be accessed at school. So like the other teachers, I decided to give it a try as I enjoy testing new technology resources for my classroom. I created 2 groups for my Year 7 classes and gave the codes to the students……..and that’s where it stopped as I couldn’t think of how to use it effectively. It was a good way for the students to communicate with each other and with me- in fact I kept getting emails at odd hours asking for help until I learnt to shut off notifications to my phone. I was still not utilising the full benefits of Edmodo until I started joining different communities.

A whole new world opened up to me- I was part of a learning community and I wasn’t aware at first that I was “learning”. Teachers from all around the world sharing their ideas and teaching practices. Instead of being a classroom tool it has become part of my Personal Learning Network (PLN). It is where I am connected to other teachers and I can “learn anywhere”. It has introduced me to new ideas and different teaching practices. It allows me to peep into classrooms all over the world to see what is being done by international teachers. It allowed me to participate in a fellow teacher’s Action Research project on 21st Century Web 2.0 Tools that led to the creation of this blog.

I can’t wait to continue this journey……….

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