I am having a lot of fun playing around with this site. Instead of writing reports, I have been figuring out how to use this blog. I feel like I’ve found the layout that I like as it is very visual. It’s been a good learning process on how to use the features of this blog. It will come in handy for showing my Year 7 students how they can have fun with it and use all the features. In their library lessons, they are learning how to use blogs as part of the Digital Literacy component of their lesson. They will be able to play around with it and use it to showcase their learning.

I’ve always thought blogging can be quite time consuming. However since I have started learning again (without realising it), I feel that it will be a good way of demonstrating what I have learnt. I have the tendency to read a lot of information and the blog will give me the opportunity to showcase my own ideas. It will also allow me to write about how I use technology in my own classroom and how I am adapting it in a unique environment.

One thought on “Blogging!

  1. Wow, Ms Rodrigues. I’ve finally had a chance to take a look at what you’ve done and it really is awesome. Your blog is really inspiring and a great way to showcase your learning. I’m really super impressed and I love your layout. It is very fresh and stimulating. I’m sure students will find your blog inspiring too. Maybe you can show them what you’ve done in our next session tomorrow.

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